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The traditional approach to corporate service delivery and application development has radically changed. Application development and the networks that they run on must be delivered quickly and cheaply if the company is to thrive - no longer can companies afford 12 18 month rollout times.

In response to this changing market, we have launched a suite of new, fixed cost, short timescale services. With 10 man-days of effort and within one-month elapsed time, we will analyse new applications or infrastructure projects, and deliver a professional opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the project and highlight any threats to its success. Most importantly, we do this based on a thorough understanding of the business objectives and not (as so often happens) based on the capabilities of the technology involved.

eagle Infrastructure Scan - Need a birds eye view?
Infrastructure Scan has been developed to provide IT managers with a snapshot view of their current IT infrastructure, and to help them assess whether this infrastructure will be suitable to support future business needs. Our highly focussed consultancy provides a valuable insight into current maturity levels, and a professional opinion on key areas for management attention and improvement, before they become project showstoppers.
For more info, download the infrastructure scan pdf (234kb)

butterfly Deployment Scan - Will it fly?
Deployment Scan has been developed for project managers and network managers who have to deploy a new application. In a successful deployment it is crucial that everything works as expected - and first time. The Deployment Scan reviews the application and identifies its effect on the corporate infrastructure. It identifies deployment options, and gives advance warning of infrastructure upgrades (which can take weeks or even months).
For more info, download the deployment scan pdf (233kb)

cheetah Performance Scan - A need for speed?
You have to deliver a new application to all of your users that is (as usual) business critical. It works in the lab, but will it work for the users?
Performance Scan will evaluate exactly how your application performs in a test environment but more importantly how it scales up to a real world corporate network. In short, we will tell you if it will work for the users and how well it will perform. Improvements can be identified - both in the application itself and in the network.
For more info, download the performance scan pdf (229kb)

shark Security Scan - Swimming with sharks?
The business consequences of a successful attack against a networked application can be very serious. However, attacks will happen if you are on the Internet. Are you prepared? Many companies carry out security scans, but most only focus on the technical aspects. We believe that where security is concerned, you must consider everything. The Security Scan finds problems, reviews policy, and helps you decide how much security you need, and where you need it.
For more info, download the security scan pdf (212kb)

Using our existing extensive knowledge of business strategy and IT projects, network design and architecture, corporate web design/coordination and document management, we intend to add new scan services under these areas in the future. If you would like a consultation, then please contact us or send an email to scans(at)globis.net.